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Terms and Conditions

• It is mandatory for the primary guest to have an age of 18 years or above, in order to check in at the hotel. 
• Check in time is 12 PM and check out time is 11 AM. Early check-in and late check-out is subjected to availability and may incur additional charges. 
• All guests above 18 years will be asked to present a valid photo identification proof at the time of check in. 
• Married couple needs to present suitable proof of identification at the time of check-in. 
• Children below the age of 6 do not need to be booked for an extra bed. 
• Additional charges will be incurred for extra bed. 
• The hotel will not stand accountable for the loss of any of your personal belongings. Keep valuable items, cash, important documents, etc. with you at all times. 
• Action will be taken against guest, if he/she misbehaves or does inappropriate activities in resort premises. 
• Guests are responsible for any damage they have caused during their stay except normal wear and tear to Hotel assets. Guests shall ensure their personal hygiene. 
• Certain policies are specific for booking purpose only and are informed to the customer during the booking process.


If the guest requests for an extension of stay, the request will be granted depending upon the availability of rooms and current room rates. Current room rates may vary from the rates at which the rooms were booked.


• There is no refund allocation for cancellation of booking. 
• Even if the booking is cancelled, there is a provision for guest to avail the stay facility at Wayanad Royal Stream, within 6 months of time period from the date of check-in. Room will be provided to the guest depending upon the availability of the room.


Booking can be cancelled through our website or by directly ringing us up. Cancellation should be done prior to the check-in date. If there is any cancellation, hotel authorities should be informed in advance and if the guest fails to do that, no further benefits and considerations will be given to the guest.


Guests have to settle all outstanding payments on the day and time of departure itself which will include the applicable GST amount. In case of extension of stay, the guests are responsible for intimating the information to us prior to the settlement of the outstanding amount.


• During the time of New Year, from 24-12-2018 to 2-1-2019, the rate will be Rs 3500 + GST


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