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We welcome you to unwind yourself amidst unblemished beauty of nature, lustrous waterfalls, captivating lakes and verdant tea plantations in this beautiful hill station. If you are all set to explore the charm, the wilderness, the warmth and enthusiasm of Wayanad, we are here to offer you authentic taste of Wayanad. So, stay with us, be with us and live an unforgettable life here.

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Base rate : 2500.00 INR +GST

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The deluxe room has an open balcony that gives a cherished sight of lush greenery and lustrous wilderness outside. 24/7 room service, attached washroom, toiletries, king sized 6 1/4 x 6 ft comfortable bed, 2 chairs with a teapoy, television with satellite/cable channels, cupboard, Wi-Fi, etc. 

Base rate : 2500.00 INR +GST


Kids Park

Children will have a jovial time in this park. Our kids park functions from 8 AM in the morning to 6 PM in the evening and includes all kind of recreational equipments such as slides, swings and see-saw. Even elders can spend quality time in the park as there are benches in the park where you can sit and loosen yourself. The main attraction of the park is the natural stream flowing besides the park and gives a rejoicing sight altogether.

Cab Service

We are very much particular that our guests should reach their destinations without any toil and hence we offer cosy cab services with superintendent drivers. Our pick-up and drop-off facility is one of our luxury services that we extend to our guests. We assure you that the cab arrives well on time and a driver with a placard welcomes the guest with utmost hospitality. On demand, cab service will be provided throughout the stay so that our guests can enjoy a hassle free journey.

Running Restaurants

It is said that, way to any heart is through stomach and we always make sure to please the plate and entice guest’s heart. The multi-cuisine dining that we provide in our running restaurant is very much customised and the food is available at any time as per the demand of the customer.


Wayanad is an irresistible emotion to many tourists as it has some of the most alluring places to visit. We make arrangements for our guests to experience Wayanad and to sight some uncomparable and unforgettable visuals from the place. A proper guide is all you need to make your journey facile and we promise you to be one.

Doctor On-Call

We provide medical facilities to our guests whenever they need it. Ambulance facility will also be arranged by us if necessary. Its the health and hygiene of our guests that matters to us. Primary medications and first aid will be provided in our resort, but if further care is required, he/she will be taken to hospital without any hesitation. A clinic and a doctor is available to us, irrespective of any time frames.

Wheel Chair

Physically challenged guests are given special care in our resort. Wheelchair is facilitated to any disabled person. This service is also offered under any immediate situation. A comfortable seating on wheelchair is guaranteed.


One of the specialities of our resort is the campfire. The chilly climate of Wayanad will increase your affinity towards warmth and we will be at your service to arrange the campfire for you. All you have to do is just to sit back and relax. We can also arrange music for you to move and groove. Thus, campfire is the place to enjoy with your friends and family by keeping away all your stress and strain. All we need is your gleeful smile and enthralled heart.


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