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Wayanad Royal Stream is a luxurious hotel with gracious ambience, ideal for family, friends, and travellers. Favourably located at Wayanad near MCF public school, offers solacing and comforting atmosphere to guests with its array of facilities capped with friendly and hospitable service.

Spacious rooms are the key attraction of our hotel. Modern and distinguished look of rooms make it aesthetically appealing and lovely. All rooms have TV, furniture, WiFi access and bathroom with modern amenities.

Wayanad is considered to be one of the most attractive tourist destinations down south. Many scenic places such as Edakkal caves, Banasura sagar dam, Soochipara falls, Kuruvadweep, Pookode lake, Meenmutty falls, Chembra peak, Valliyoorkavu, etc. are so much alluring that it completely enhance the visuals of a tourist. The lush green and wild nature of Wayanad makes it magnificent.

Our hotel is the perfect base to get a pleasant time to have fun with family and friends. We offer authentic and palatable cuisine with real service. Experience the very best of hospitality world at the auspicious Wayanad Royal Stream. Just sit back and enjoy the unparalleled tranquility and peace offered by this hotel, located in Wayanad.


Wayanad Royal Stream

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